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“Government White Paper Assessing UPA’s Decade and NDA’s Economic Revival”

In a significant move, the central government presented a white paper in the Lok Sabha on Thursday, signaling the conclusion of the ten-year rule of the UPA (2004-2014). Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented the document, which spans 24 pages, detailing the failures and alleged corruption during the UPA’s tenure. Scandals such as 2G, Commonwealth, and Sharada Chit Fund are among the issues highlighted in the white paper, shedding light on the challenges faced by the country during that period.

Moreover, the white paper criticizes UPA leaders for purportedly neglecting economic reforms after initially claiming credit for the reforms initiated in 1991 upon assuming power in 2004. This criticism underscores a narrative of inconsistency and lack of accountability within the UPA administration.

On the other hand, the white paper also emphasizes the achievements of the NDA government, boasting of elevating the country from the status of ‘Fragile Five’ to the top five global economies within ten years. Despite grappling with adversities such as the COVID-19 pandemic and international conflicts, the government touts significant progress and resilience in steering the nation toward prosperity.

The introduction of the white paper marks a pivotal moment in Indian political discourse, sparking debates and reflections on past governance and future trajectories. As the contents of the white paper reverberate across the political landscape, it serves as a reminder of the imperative for transparency, accountability, and robust governance in shaping the nation’s destiny.

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