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Heavy Monsoon : Telangana reaches danger mark

With the Godavari river flowing dangerously, parts of Telangana progressed to reel under monsoon effects. Rains reduced today but both Godavari and Krishna rivers and their tributaries remained in spate because of huge inflows from upstream. Huge inflows at irrigation projects and overflowing rivulets, streams, tanks, lakes and canals have inundated several villages and towns in North parts of the state.

Bhadradri temple and Annadanam area were submerged due to rise in Godavari level. The authorities shifted the residents to relief camps, as some colonies in the towns were inundated. As per reports, 56 villages were inundated and evacuated 6,700 people to 43 relief camps. 

Heavy floods hit Manthani town in Peddapalli district. Several colonies were inundated due to overflowing Bokkala Vagu. Rescue and relief operations have already been launched by the district administration. The town has been without electricity for the last 12 hours. 

The district administration was evacuating people from low-lying and submerged villages. A man was washed away in floods with his bicycle. Raod was closed between Nizamabad and neighbouring Maharashtra. Today, the inflows reduced to 2 lakh cusecs from 5 lakh  cusecs.

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