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High Court Victory for Minister Eshwar Amidst Dharmapuri’s Electoral Turmoil.

In a recent development, Minister Koppula Eshwar secures a legal victory as the Telangana High Court dismisses a petition challenging the validity of his MLA election. However, the legal saga continues, with Congress candidate Adluri Laxman approaching the High Court, alleging irregularities and seeking disqualification of Eshwar. Impeachment petitions, citing a false affidavit submission, further add complexity to the legal battles.

The High Court’s dismissal of Laxman’s petition raises questions about the intricacies surrounding Eshwar’s victory in Dharmapuri constituency, where he won by a narrow margin of 441 votes in the last election. Laxman’s claim of officials declaring Eshwar’s victory prematurely and alleged support raises concerns about the electoral process.

With the upcoming assembly elections pitting BRS and Congress against each other once again in Dharmapuri, the constituency becomes a battleground of fierce political rivalry. The demand for recounting adds suspense to the unfolding electoral drama. As the legal battles and electoral turmoil intensify, the announcement of Telangana assembly election results on December 3 becomes a highly anticipated event, revealing the fate of Dharmapuri and the political future of Minister Koppula Eshwar.

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