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Jagan fired on Pawan Kalyan’s brutal comments on him

A couple of days ago, we heard the chief of Janasena, Pawan Kalyan taking a deep dig at the current chief minister of AP, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. The news has become the talk of the town and spread like a wildfire on the internet. 

Now, while addressing the gathering at a public meeting in Krishna district’s Avanigadda, Jagan showed his reaction to the comments made by Pawan Kalyan. Jagan alleged Pawan, asking, “3 marriages is good, but not 3 capitals?” Referring to the sentence, “Chepputho Kodtha na kodakallara”, said by Pawan, Jagan said, “Even street rowdies don’t bark like that.” 

He stressed asking, “Are these the leaders of our state?” Jagan heavily poured scorn on Pawan Kalyan by stressing about his 3 marriages. He said what about the future of the women in the state. “Okkokkaru Mudu, Nalugu Pellillu Cheskomani Chebithe…Akka Chellilla Jeevithalu Emi Kavali? Mahilala Jeevithalu Emi Kavali?” asked the chief minister. 

Jagan also said how anti-forces got together to beat him who is leading a lone battle. He asked, “Okka Jagan in Kottadaniki Enthamandi Emayyaru?” And finally, he said that this is a combat between good and evil. He named the opposition party as an evil and said that only good will win forever.

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