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Jagan’s suggestions to YSRCP cadre ahead of 2024 elections

The chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has called upon the YSRCP cadre to prepare the party from village level for the next elections due in a space of more than 19 months. Jagan holded a review meeting on Wednesday with YSRC cadres of Addanki assembly constituency, where the seat was won by TDP in the previous elections. 

Jagan claimed that there was a negative wave against Telugu Desam in Addanki and the party cadre should take advantage of this. An amount of Rs 1,081 crore was distributed under several welfare schemes in the constituency in the previous three years, benefitting 93,124 families. About 9368 persons have received land pattas and 47,123 families are heading to receive ration cards.

In the constituency, some 6382 houses were allotted to the homeless. Jagan said the party cadre should go ahead with the Gadapa Gadapaku programme as a team, elucidating the welfare schemes and trying to solve the issues raised by people. He further said nowhere in the country did any other political party take up such a programme two years ahead of the elections. 

“Local leaders and cadres should utilize the opportunity and stand united like a family to enable us win 175 out of 175 seats in the upcoming elections. A majority of the people in each village are favourably disposed to the YSRC and a majority of the people in every constituency will favour our party, with 87% of the families benefiting from our welfare schemes in every village”, said Jagan.

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