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Kerala implements ‘Operation Focus’ to prevent noxious high beams from vehicles

It is more annoying to bear high beams of headlamps from vehicles while they are on the way, especially at night times. Now, in order to avert such noxious conditions, the Motor Vehicle Department of Kerala is gearing up to take a stand against them by implementing the drive called ‘Operation Focus’.

It is a ten-day drive where, the trespassers who drive their vehicles with high beams, will be legally punished. The officials of the vehicle department keep all types of vehicles under observation while they travel. The drive will be implemented during night hours between 7 pm – 10 am till April 12. Vehicle department sources also consider forbidden color lights, non-existence of illumination around the rear license plate, omission of parking lights, and excessive utilization of forbidden auxiliary lights as acts of misconduct.

The Kerala govt has also warned that if anyone crosses the proposed rules, the miscreant should remove the forbidden lights and assure their removal by presenting the vehicle before RTO prior to a particular date on which they should act according to the rules. Or else, the registration certificates will be invalidated by the RTO authorities, if the miscreant couldn’t obey the orders.

Appreciating the implementation of Operation Focus, P. S.Pramoj Shankar expressed that using multiple lights is really a serious issue now, and it will be abandoned through this drive. He further said most road accidents, predominantly the death issues, happen at night times. The excess light reflecting from forbidden auxiliary lights or high beams from vehicles coming opposite to other vehicles blocks drivers’ vision and makes them null and void towards their sight. So that, the possibility of road accidents will be increased.

In order to lessen the number of accidents by at least 25% by 2025, productive regulation is must impose, said Samson Mathew, who is the director of the National Transportation Planning and Research Centre. On the other hand, the Contract Carriage Association said, “To abandon road accidents, any alteration in the actual electrical wiring and battery connections of the vehicles shouldn’t be allowed.”

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