Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Kishan Reddy Maps Future Victory.

Kishan Reddy Maps Future Victory.

Union Minister and BJP State President Kishan Reddy addressed the media at the BJP state office on Monday, offering insights into the party’s stance following the recent assembly elections. Reddy acknowledged the hard work put in during the elections but expressed disappointment with the results. He announced a comprehensive review from the national level to the booth level, aiming to rectify mistakes and strategize for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Despite setbacks, Kishan Reddy conveyed confidence in securing a significant victory in the 2024 Parliament elections. He criticized Congress and BRS candidates, accusing them of winning through the distribution of money. Reddy highlighted BJP’s increased vote bank from 7 to 14 percent, signaling the party’s determination to showcase its strength in future parliamentary elections. Additionally, he affirmed BJP’s commitment to serving as a robust opposition, standing for the people, and learning from the recent electoral challenges.

Kishan Reddy criticized KCR, accusing him of mudslinging, and emphasized the voters’ inclination towards BJP in parliamentary elections. He plans to discuss election preparation and polling patterns with national party leaders, acknowledging the need for analysis and overcoming challenges. Reddy congratulated Rajasingh for his hat-trick win from Goshamahal, underlining the party’s continued dedication to its role in the political landscape.

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