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Kishan Reddy Optimistic for BJP in Elections, Criticizes Conduct.

Union Minister and BJP’s state president, Kishan Reddy, expressed optimism about the party’s performance in the upcoming assembly elections. Speaking at the BJP state office, he pointed out the favorable polling pattern and claimed support from the state’s youth. Reddy indicated that the results, to be unveiled on December 3, would reflect the party’s standing.

However, Reddy voiced concerns about the conduct of the elections, suggesting that the Election Commission should have been more stringent. He criticized the police, alleging they operated at the behest of KCR, and accused BRS leaders of overseeing the distribution of money. Reddy claimed that both Congress and BRS engaged in distributing money and liquor, and highlighted physical attacks on BJP workers in rural areas by BRS supporters.

Taking a stance on the Sagar water issue, Reddy condemned the incident at Nagarjuna Sagar Dam, expressing disapproval of the AP government lifting the Sagar gates and diverting water. He dismissed the event as a drama played out by BRS and YCP during polling. Reddy insisted that the matter should be resolved through the Krishna River Management Board and he pledged to write a letter to the Centre seeking intervention. The BJP leader’s statements reflect a mix of optimism about electoral prospects and criticism of election conduct and regional issues.

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