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Legal Entanglements for BJP’s Jayaprada,Non-Bailable Warrant Issued in 2019 Insult Case.

The MP-MLA court in Moradabad has taken a stern step by issuing a non-bailable warrant against Bharatiya Janata Party leader Jayaprada in connection with a 2019 case stemming from an honor program at Habitat Muslim Inter College. The incident involved insulting comments made by Samajwadi Party MP ST Hasan in Moradabad, where SP veteran leader Azam Khan and his son Abdullah Azam were also accused participants.

Special Public Prosecutor Mohanlal Bishnoi stated that Jayaprada had been summoned multiple times for her statement in this case, with earlier bailable warrants issued. However, her recent application has been rejected, leading to the issuance of a non bailable warrant against her. A total of six individuals, including Azam Khan, Abdullah Azam, ST Hasan, Hazar Khan, and Arif Hasan, are implicated in this case.

The controversy traces back to the 2019 parliamentary elections when Jayaprada, contesting on a BJP ticket, faced defeat. The offensive remarks were made during a program honoring Azam Khan after his victory. The FIR includes charges under IPC Sections 354-A (sexual harassment and punishment for sexual harassment) and 509 (word, gesture, or act intended to humiliate the modesty of a woman).

This is not the first legal episode for Jayaprada; in October, a non bailable warrant was issued against her in a case related to the violation of the Model Code of Conduct during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections in Rampur. Additionally, earlier this year, a Chennai court sentenced her to six months in jail and imposed a Rs. 5,000 fine for failing to pay employees’ state insurance benefits at her theater business. Business associates Ram Kumar and Rajababu were also found guilty in the same case. Jayaprada’s legal challenges continue to mount, adding complexity to her political journey.

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