Thursday, July 25, 2024
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“Mahesh Babu’s Daughter Sitara Ghattamaneni Targeted by Fraudsters”

"Mahesh Babu's Daughter Sitara Ghattamaneni Targeted by Fraudsters"


In the digital age, social media has become a breeding ground for scams, even targeting high-profile personalities like Mahesh Babu and his family. Recently, scammers set their sights on Sitara Ghattamaneni, Mahesh Babu’s daughter, orchestrating a cunning scheme on Instagram.

Impersonating Sitara, these fraudsters enticed unsuspecting users with false promises of trading and investment opportunities, exploiting the platform for their illicit gains. However, Mahesh Babu wasted no time in taking action to protect his family’s reputation and the online community.

In collaboration with the Madhapur police, Mahesh Babu’s team issued a stern warning via Twitter regarding the cybercrime incident. The message highlighted the impersonation of Sitara Ghattamaneni and urged the public to exercise caution and avoid engaging with suspicious links.

This joint effort demonstrates Mahesh Babu’s proactive approach to combating online fraud. By swiftly responding and raising awareness, they aim to thwart similar attempts in the future and safeguard the online community.

The incident serves as a timely reminder for the public to verify the authenticity of celebrity accounts and exercise vigilance when encountering financial solicitations online. Through collective action and awareness, individuals can protect themselves from falling victim to cyber scams.

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