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Mansoor Ali Khan’s Defamation Lawsuit Against Trisha, Khushbu, and Chiranjeevi Unfolds.

Mansoor Ali Khan has taken legal action against actress Trisha, filing a defamation case at the Madras High Court. The controversy arose after Mansoor Ali Khan made derogatory comments about Trisha during a YouTube interview, leading to widespread condemnation from cinema stars, including Trisha herself. Seeking compensation for alleged defamation, Mansoor Ali Khan extended his case to include Khushbu and Chiranjeevi.

The recent hearing at the Madras High Court took an unexpected turn when the judge criticized Mansoor Ali Khan for his controversial public comments and emphasized the actor’s responsibility to behave appropriately. Surprisingly, the judge suggested that the actual complaint should be lodged by Trisha. Mansoor Ali Khan’s lawyer responded by agreeing to submit the uncut video of the controversial interview.

In an attempt to counter Trisha’s post condemning the actor, Mansoor Ali Khan’s legal team demanded an order for its removal. The judge, however, instructed Trisha, Khushbu, and Chiranjeevi to present their statements, adjourning the case until December 22.

This legal saga stems from Mansoor Ali Khan’s expressed disappointment over not having an intimate scene with Trisha in the film ‘Leo.’ The actor faced mockery from fellow cinema stars, leading to his apology to Trisha. Subsequently, Mansoor Ali Khan resorted to the courts, initiating a defamation case against Trisha, Khushbu, and Chiranjeevi for their statements supporting the actress.

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