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“Minister Damodara Rajanarsimha Stands Firm on SC Classification in Telangana”

Minister Damodara Rajanarsimha expressed the unwavering commitment of the Congress government to implement SC classification in Telangana, emphasizing that it is a matter of social justice and equitable distribution based on population. He reassured that the government is prepared to address legal aspects and make necessary amendments to ensure the realization of this commitment. SC classification, he highlighted, is integral to upholding the rights of Dalits in the state, alongside the sub-plan initiative.

Rajanarsimha highlighted the government’s proactive stance, revealing plans for robust legal arguments in the Supreme Court, aligning with promises made during the assembly elections. Accompanied by prominent MLAs and party leaders, he addressed the media at Telangana Bhavan in Delhi, underscoring the significance of ongoing arguments before the Supreme Court’s constitution bench.

The Minister disclosed the appointment of former Solicitor General Vivek Krishna Thanka to represent Telangana’s interests, particularly advocating for the Madiga community. He credited CM Revanth for spearheading these initiatives and ensuring effective direction in addressing community concerns. Optimism resonated in his tone as he anticipated a positive outcome from the Supreme Court, with hopes of a verdict in favor of the state’s stance on SC classification.

Furthermore, Rajanarsimha criticized the previous BRS administration, accusing it of neglecting the welfare of Adivasis and Dalits during its tenure. This critique underscores the government’s resolve to rectify past injustices and prioritize the marginalized communities’ well-being under its governance.

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