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Mrinal faces casting couch

Casting couch has become a sensational topic among film industry and glamour field insiders. Many heroines, models and women professionals have come out in the open explaining about their casting couch experiences. Now one more actress has revealed how she faced a casting couch bad experience.

Hindi TV actress and model Mrinal Navell revealed that she faced a very bitter experience in relation to an ad shoot, supposedly featuring Bollywood star Karthik Aryan. She said that a casting agent approached her with an offer to feature in a TV ad. When she said ok, he had asked her to compromise. 

When Mrinal prodded further asking the casting agent what he meant by ‘compromise’ he is said to have directly explained to her to spend a night together and get chilled. This shocking reply has left Mrinal irate. An angry Mrinal is said to have admonished the casting agent and cut the conversation there itself.     

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