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Nagarjunasagar Tension, TPCC Chief Urges Amicable Resolution.

In the wake of recent events at Nagarjunasagar, TPCC Chief Revanth Reddy has characterized the situation as a strategic question, emphasizing that it arises from unresolved issues persisting for nine years under the KCR government. Speaking after casting his vote in Kodangal, Revanth assured the public that the Sagar Dam’s integrity remains intact.

Accusing KCR of politically exploiting Telangana sentiments as elections approach, Revanth dismissed such tactics, asserting that conspiracies won’t sway electoral outcomes. Despite the tension, he affirmed that the dam will endure, and water won’t be diverted.

Addressing the controversy, Revanth called on the CEO to take action and emphasized the need for amicable solutions to interstate problems. The recent late night drama near Nagarjunasagar, where AP police sought to release water through gate number 13, heightened tensions. Telangana police intervened, and officials from both states were involved, reflecting the complexities surrounding water sharing in the region.

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