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PrepInsta and GITAM join hands to make students industry ready

PrepInsta, an edtech platform aimed at placement preparation for students, joined hands with Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management (GITAM), Visakhapatnam to equip students with industry-ready skills. Both entered into an Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) lasting until 2024. 

According to a press release issued by Prepinsta, the alliance between PrepInsta and GITAM has resulted in onboarding more than 2500 engineering students, with the shared objective of upskilling them through placement preparation courses. GITAM is set to gain significant advantages from this partnership, including a single point of contact (POC) for training and placement preparations.

“PrepInsta will provide GITAM with full access to their and platforms, both of which offer a range of learning materials, including mock tests and video content. Furthermore, GITAM will receive access to a premium WhatsApp group providing job updates from various service and product-based companies, a premium teacher assistance group (TA support) that resolves doubts in real-time over Discord, as well as an exclusive performance tracking dashboard for colleges to monitor student reports,” further explained press release. 

Prepinsta co-founder Manish Agarwal expressed joy over tie-up with GITAM University. He said that the tie-up will greatly help the students preparing for job placements. 

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