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“PVR INOX & AajTak Unite for Grand Ram Mandir Consecration Ceremony on the Big Screen”

In a groundbreaking collaboration, popular multiplex chains PVR and INOX have joined hands with AajTak, India Today’s sister channel, to offer a cinematic experience of the historic Ram Mandir consecration ceremony. Set to take place on January 22, the live streaming from Ayodhya will be broadcasted across 160+ cinemas in over 70 cities throughout India.

The immersive experience is not only accessible but also affordable, with tickets priced at a flat rate of Rs 100. This all-inclusive price covers not only the entry but also a beverage and popcorn combo, ensuring that a diverse audience can partake in this monumental event on the big screens.

Gautam Dutta, Co-CEO of PVR INOX Ltd, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Grand and historic occasions like this have to be experienced in a grand manner.” He believes that cinema screens will bring to life the collective celebration emotions across the country.

The live streaming is scheduled from 11 am to 1 pm, providing a two-hour window for audiences to witness the auspicious ceremony. Tickets can be conveniently booked through the PVR INOX app, website, and other platforms.

Dutta emphasized the commitment to creating a memorable and immersive cinematic experience that goes beyond entertainment. He hopes to recreate the buzz of the temple, the auspicious chants, and the breathtaking visuals, connecting devotees with this significant moment in India’s contemporary history.

A spokesperson for AajTak highlighted the channel’s commitment to being at the forefront of historic moments, stating, “The collaboration with PVR INOX takes our mission to new heights, connecting millions in India during significant events like this.” AajTak continues to be a reliable source for coverage during crucial moments, solidifying its role as a beacon for those seeking trustworthy information.

This unique partnership not only brings together the worlds of cinema and news but also opens the doors for a shared, collective experience of one of India’s most awaited moments in history.

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