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Rahul Gandhi assures to end GST on handloom products

Congress leader, Rahul Gandhi has promised that the 5% GST on handloom products would be stopped. The news was announced by the party MP Uttam Kumar Reddy. The former TPCC chief said that the BJP government at the Centre had imposed the GST on handloom products including Khadi handloom, handicrafts, mats, pots and ploughs from July 1, 2017. He said that KCR was among the first to ratify the GST Act in the Assembly. 

After entering Mahbubnagar district, Rahul Gandhi said that people had been experiencing raja rule than democracy, as KCR was ruling on his whims and fancies. The chief minister had ignored the development of the state and was trying to fleece the people. In the end of his padayatra at Manyamkonda temple arch, Rahul Gandhi said the chief minister was getting details of every land transaction through the Dharani portal. 

The government was trying to take back 25 lakh acres that previous Congress government had assigned to SC and ST families. Accompanied by people of different walks of life, representatives from organisations and elected representatives of various states, Rahul Gandhi entered Mahbubnagar district from Narayanpet on the 51st day of his Kanyakumari to Kashmir padayatra.

Crowds of people occupied the entire road and the meeting venue to view the honourable Congress leader. The Raichur-Mahbubnagar highway had a large number of people carrying the National Flags and singing songs. A graduate from Karimnagar, Vijay Patel, who is looking for a job, said, “I am here to support him, looking at the financial condition of the country. Amid the crisis of unemployment, educated people are leaving this country to have better lives.”

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