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“Samantha’s Thrilling Marvel Moment: Promoting ‘The Marvels’ and Spreading Superhero Cheer!”

Samantha, the talented actress, recently took to her Instagram to share her excitement and gratitude for being a part of “The Marvels.” As a long-time fan of Captain Marvel, she expressed her joy at joining the Marvel universe and launching an exclusive video for Indian fans in collaboration with Marvel India.

In her post, Samantha revealed her deep admiration for the superhero, Captain Marvel, and her enthusiasm for the upcoming film. She encouraged her followers to embrace their inner superheroes and shared that advance bookings for this Diwali entertainer are now open. Samantha couldn’t contain her excitement and already secured her tickets – have you got yours?

It’s evident that Samantha is thrilled to be part of this cinematic journey and is actively promoting “The Marvels.” In fact, she attended a press meet at ITC Kohinoor yesterday, further solidifying her commitment to this exciting project.

With her infectious energy and love for superheroes, Samantha’s involvement in “The Marvels” is sure to bring an extra layer of excitement to this highly anticipated movie. Stay tuned for more updates as we approach the Diwali release, and don’t miss the chance to witness this superhero spectacle in theaters!

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