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Sitaram Yechury Criticizes BJP’s Accountability, Advocates for Fair Electoral Practices.

The statements from Sitaram Yechury, CPM National General Secretary, highlight a range of political concerns in India. Yechury criticizes the Modi government for alleged lack of accountability, expressing discontent with BJP’s influence over key institutions. He emphasizes the need to defeat BJP in the upcoming state elections and accuses the BJP of using agencies like ED and CBI as allies. Yechury also raises questions about the Uttarakhand tunnel incident, demanding accountability.

The complex political dynamics in Telangana involve discussions of potential alliances between CPM and Congress against BJP. Yechury’s remarks suggest a broader strategy of aligning with parties that share the goal of countering the BJP.

In addressing regional politics, Yechury mentions the history of governments being formed in North East states despite not having a majority, and he criticizes what he sees as a political conspiracy behind the Manipur incident. Additionally, he advocates for the implementation of the Supreme Court’s verdict on the behavior of governors.

The critique extends to the electoral process itself, with Yechury highlighting concerns about violations of the Election Code and the influence of political bonds. The overarching theme in Yechury’s statements is a call for greater accountability, transparency, and fair electoral practices in the Indian political landscape.

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