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Sivaji’s Majestic Return to the Big Screen.

Sivaji's Majestic Return to the Big Screen.

The eagerly awaited re-release of “Sivaji: The Boss” on December 12 has ignited a wave of enthusiasm among fans and movie enthusiasts. This cinematic gem, directed by S. Shankar and produced by AVM Productions, originally graced the screens in 2007, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of Indian cinema. Headlined by the iconic Rajinikanth as the protagonist, Sivaji, and featuring Shriya Saran in a pivotal role, the film narrates the compelling story of a software systems architect’s return to India with a noble mission of providing free medical treatment and education. However, his altruistic journey encounters systemic challenges and the formidable political leader Aathisheshan. The re-release promises a nostalgic cinematic journey, allowing audiences to rediscover the magic of this blockbuster on the grandeur of the big screen.

“Sivaji: The Boss” stands out as a cinematic masterpiece, featuring groundbreaking elements such as A. R. Rahman’s landmark 100th composition for its soundtrack and background score. With a budget of ₹60 crore, it held the distinction of being the most expensive Indian film of its time. The movie not only elevated Rajinikanth’s stature as the highest-paid Indian actor but also received critical acclaim and achieved commercial success, grossing ₹100—160 crore worldwide. The re-release serves as a celebration of the film’s enduring popularity, offering both devoted fans and a new generation of viewers an opportunity to experience the cinematic brilliance and cultural impact of “Sivaji: The Boss” once again.

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