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Sonia Agarwal Dominates First Look Poster of 7/G.

After a noticeable absence from the cinematic world, Sonia Agarwal is poised to captivate audiences once again, this time with the intriguing horror-thriller, “7/G (2024).” The excitement surrounding her comeback heightened when actor Vijay Sethupathi unveiled the film’s first look poster, setting the stage for what promises to be a riveting cinematic experience.

Directed by the talented Haroon, “7/G” delves into a suspenseful narrative orbiting around two women, played by Sonia Agarwal and Smruti Venkat. The recently released poster provides a tantalizing glimpse into their on-screen dynamic, with Sonia Agarwal’s central presence hinting at a character of considerable depth and significance.

Produced under the banner of Dream House films, “7/G” assembles a robust cast, including Roshan Basheer and Subramania Siva, who are poised to deliver compelling supporting performances. The film’s title, reminiscent of Sonia Agarwal’s memorable venture “7/G Rainbow Colony (2004),” adds an element of nostalgia while signaling a fresh, innovative storyline.

Musical aficionados can look forward to Siddarth Vipin’s evocative score, complementing the film’s suspenseful undertones. Meanwhile, Kanna R’s cinematography and Biju V Don Bosco’s editing are set to enhance the visual and narrative elements, respectively.

As anticipation mounts for Sonia Agarwal’s return and the release of “7/G,” enthusiasts and critics alike eagerly await the unraveling of a tale teeming with suspense, drama, and stellar performances.

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