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Stalin defends son

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin defended his son Udayanidhi Stalin in ‘Sanatan Dharma’ row, saying that the comments of the latter were tweaked and spread by BJP’s social media-active supporters. After Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s reaction to Udayanidhi’s comments, MK Stalin came out to defend his son, as he appears to control the damage due to the spiralling controversy. 

“Hon’ble Minister UdhayStalin didn’t call for ‘genocide’ as distorted by BJP, but only spoke against discrimination. Disheartening to see the ‘responsible’ Hon’ble Prime Minister, Union Ministers and BJP Chief Ministers ignore facts and driven on fake narratives despite having all access and resources to verify the facts,” said TN CM Stalin in a tweet made on Thursday.

MK Stalin said that Udayanidhi spoke only against the oppression and regressive practices in Sanatan Dharma and did not call for genocide of people who follow Sanatan Dharma. he pointed out that Udayandihi was ony against the oppression shhown by Sanatan Dharma against SCs/STs/women and other underprivileged groups, which is being continued even today in many parts.

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