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Telangana CM’s Oath Postponed

The expected oath taking ceremony for the Telangana Chief Minister has encountered a delay, as decision making authority shifts to the AICC. The Congress CLP meeting’s outcome is poised for finalization at a forthcoming Parliamentary Strategic Committee session in Delhi, presided over by Sonia Gandhi. Faced with a dearth of directives from the capital, the Congress party opted to reschedule the CM’s swearing in to December 4. Concurrently, Karnataka Deputy CM DK Shivakumar, overseeing Telangana affairs, responded promptly to a High Command summons, making his way to Delhi for consultations. Despite initial preparations at Raj Bhavan, the CLP meeting’s postponement is a consequence of the crucial information vacuum emanating from the high command.

This evolving scenario underscores the intricate interplay of central decision making in the Congress party, as regional events are put on hold pending directives from the party’s top echelons. The dynamics at play suggest a carefully orchestrated process, with the High Command taking a hands on approach in crucial matters, shaping the political landscape in Telangana.

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