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“Tenuous Hopes: Pakistan’s Uphill Battle for World Cup 2023 Semifinal Berth Amid Rival Teams’ Performances”

Pakistan’s journey towards securing a spot in the World Cup 2023 semifinals appears to be a challenging one, with various scenarios impacting their qualification prospects. Here’s a breakdown based on information from multiple sources:

  1. Current Standings:
  • Pakistan is currently positioned at the 5th spot in the points table with two wins from five matches. They have faced three consecutive defeats with the latest against Afghanistan. Their campaign seems to be in shambles as their fate is no longer solely in their hands.
  • After facing a recent setback against South Africa, Pakistan, with just two wins out of six games, is at a crucial juncture. Their chances for the semifinals are now pegged at around 7%.
  1. Upcoming Matches:
  • Pakistan has remaining fixtures against South Africa, Bangladesh, New Zealand, and England. They can potentially reach 10 points if they win all their remaining matches, which might be enough to qualify for the semifinals, mirroring the scenario from the 2019 World Cup where New Zealand qualified with 11 points.
  1. Performance of Other Teams:
  • Pakistan’s qualification is contingent on the performance of other teams, particularly Australia. They would want Australia to lose three of their remaining four games. However, this scenario appears unlikely given Australia’s matchups against weaker teams like Afghanistan and Bangladesh.
  • Additionally, Pakistan would benefit if New Zealand wins three matches, including one against them. If Australia manages to escape an upset against Bangladesh or Afghanistan but loses to New Zealand, the Net Run Rate (NRR) might come into play, possibly favoring Pakistan in the race to the semifinals.
  1. Net Run Rate (NRR):
  • Maintaining a healthy NRR is essential for Pakistan, and a defeat in any of their remaining matches could complicate their qualification scenario further.

The road to the semifinals is filled with challenges and uncertainties for Pakistan. Their performance in the upcoming matches and the outcomes of fixtures involving Australia, Afghanistan, and New Zealand will significantly impact their qualification chances.

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