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Thigulla Padma rao gowd Advocates KCR’s Policies as the Guardian Shield for Telangana.

Thigulla Padmaraogowd, the BRS MLA candidate for the Secunderabad segment, recently expressed his perspective on KCR’s policies, referring to them as “Sri Ramaraksha” for Telangana. During the election campaign, Padmaraogowd and his team visited various areas, including Lambadi Basti, Vijayapuri Colony, White House, Railway Colony, and Oil Depot in the Mettuguda Division, going door-to-door to connect with the community.

Padmaraogowd highlighted the positive impact of government schemes on the lives of the poor and middle-class residents in the Secunderabad segment. According to him, welfare and development are progressing simultaneously in the region. The campaign efforts were supported by local leaders, including Mettuguda Corporator Sunitha, Deputy Mayor Mote Srilatha Reddy, Corporators Kandi Shailaja, Samala Hema, Lingani Prasanna Lakshmi, and BRS leaders.

In a notable move, Padma Rao Goud engaged with railway workers during a visit to the central office of the South Central Railway Mazdoor Union in Secunderabad, a prominent railway labor union. Goud met with CH Shankar Rac, the General Secretary of the Union Central Committee and a leader of the National Railway Workers Federation.

During this interaction, Padma Rao Goud appealed to railway workers to support their electoral endeavors, emphasizing that their policies align with the interests of railway staff. Union leaders, including labor union leader Shankar Rao, responded positively to Goud’s request, expressing their support for the upcoming elections.

As the election campaign unfolds, Padma Rao Goud’s perspective on KCR’s policies being akin to “Sri Ramaraksha” adds an interesting dimension to the political discourse in Telangana. The candidate’s focus on welfare and development, coupled with efforts to garner support from key constituencies like railway workers, underscores the multifaceted approach taken in the pursuit of electoral success.

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