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TTD’s Dams Witness Overflow in Off-Season

In a historic development for the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams ,all five dams in Tirumala are witnessing an overflow during the off season, marking an unprecedented occurrence in the organization’s history. These reservoirs, initially designed to meet the water needs of Srivari devotees, have surpassed their full capacities, signaling an extraordinary surplus. The TTD Water Works officials have responded proactively by deciding to release water into inland areas from the Gogarbham Dam, which has reached a water level of 2887 feet, just shy of its full level of 2894 feet.

This surplus extends to smaller reservoirs within the TTD network, further emphasizing the abundance of water resources. The Akashaganga Reservoir, with a full water level of 865 meters, is currently experiencing an overflow at 859.80 meters. Meanwhile, the Papavinasanam Dam, designed to reach a full capacity of 697.14 meters, is presently recording a water level of 693.60 meters. The twin projects of Kumara Dara Dam, with a full capacity of 898.24 meters, are witnessing floodwaters reaching 896.20 meters. Similarly, the Yellow Dara Dam, designed to hold 898.28 meters, currently contains 895.90 meters of water.

This abundance not only reflects efficient water resource management but also underscores the successful execution of TTD’s strategic initiatives to cater to the escalating water needs driven by the growing number of devotees. The organization’s commitment to the well-being of devotees, coupled with a sustainable approach to ecological balance, is vividly demonstrated in these remarkable developments.

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