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“Varun Tej Considers Political Campaign to Support Father & Pawan Kalyan”

The political landscape in Andhra Pradesh is heating up as the assembly elections loom closer, with parties gearing up for an intense campaign season. Janasena leader Pawan Kalyan received unexpected support from a young hero who expressed his readiness to campaign for the party, citing admiration for Pawan Siddhant’s leadership. As alliances and candidate selections dominate discussions among parties like YCP and the TDP-Jana Sena coalition, the unexpected endorsement adds an intriguing twist to the electoral dynamics.

Meanwhile, amidst the political fervor, Varun Tej, the star of the upcoming film ‘Operation Valentine,’ shared insights during the movie’s promotional tour in Vijayawada. Varun expressed his eagerness to collaborate with his father, Pawan Kalyan, in a future project, highlighting the family bond. Notably, he emphasized his willingness to support Janasena in the next election if directed by the family, reflecting his loyalty and faith in Pawan Kalyan’s vision and principles.

Varun Tej also shed light on ‘Operation Valentine,’ describing it as the first Telugu film centered around the Indian Air Force, anchored in themes of patriotism. Reflecting on the significance of the movie’s release date, he revealed its tie-in with the Pulwama Black Day incident, symbolizing a tribute to the nation’s resilience. Varun expressed gratitude for the opportunity to be part of a film with such thematic depth, underscoring its potential to inspire and resonate with audiences, especially the youth. As anticipation mounts for both the electoral battle and the cinematic spectacle, Varun Tej’s words echo a blend of familial loyalty, artistic passion, and patriotic fervor, adding layers to the unfolding narrative.

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