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Vidyut’s Himalayan Retreat.

Embarking on my annual retreat to the Himalayan ranges 14 years ago, I’ve discovered profound solace in what I refer to as “the abode of the divine.” It has become a meaningful tradition to spend 7-10 days alone each year, seamlessly integrating into the fabric of my life. Transitioning from a world of luxury and adulation to the tranquil wilderness, I derive immense joy from solitude, recognizing its role in understanding “Who I am Not,” the crucial first step toward discovering “WHO AM I.”

Thriving outside my comfort zone, I envision myself as a satellite dish antenna tuned into the natural frequency of nature-receiving and emitting vibrations of happiness and love. My vibrations align with the frequencies of compassion, determination, achievement, and action, allowing me to shape the energy around me. This retreat serves as the canvas on which I paint the ambiance for a new chapter, returning home with a sense of readiness to embrace a personal rebirth.

It’s important to note that this solitude, initially inconceivable to the mind, transforms into a profound experiential journey when approached with awareness. Now, filled with anticipation, I look forward to my next chapter-CRAKK, set to release in theaters on Feb 23rd, 2024. I express my gratitude to the local shepherd Mohar Singh for beautifully capturing the essence of this transformative solitude in the shared pictures.

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