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“WhatsApp Elevates Video Playback Experience with Intuitive ‘Double-Tap’ Navigation Feature”

WhatsApp has introduced a new ‘double-tap’ feature that allows users to easily navigate through videos by forwarding or rewinding, enhancing the video playback experience on the platform. Here’s a breakdown of this new addition to WhatsApp’s functionality:


  • The ‘double-tap’ feature enables users to skip forward or backward within videos by double-tapping on either the left or right side of their screens.


  • As of now, the feature has been rolled out to select beta testers on Android, indicating a phased deployment approach before it’s made available to all users.

3.User Experience Enhancement:

  • The introduction of this feature significantly simplifies video navigation on WhatsApp’s built-in media player. Unlike the previous setup where users had to tap the screen for a progress bar and then select a point to move forward or backward in a video, the ‘double-tap’ feature streamlines this process, making video navigation much more user-friendly.

4.User Anticipation:

  • This feature has been a long-awaited addition, fulfilling a user requirement that has persisted for years. It brings WhatsApp’s video playback functionality closer to the seamless user experience offered by other platforms like YouTube.

The ‘double-tap’ feature is a part of WhatsApp’s ongoing efforts to improve user experience and keep the app updated with functionalities that are standard in other video playback platforms. This new feature is not only practical but also intuitive, aligning with the natural interactions users have grown accustomed to on other platforms.

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