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Why are they even praising Harish Shankar?

Ever since the special glimpse of ‘Ustaad Bhagat Singh’ was released recently, Harish Shankar has been flooded with praises. “Wow! The director shot so much gorgeous content in just 8 days. Fabulous! Amazing!!” This is what fanboys are saying on Twitter and Facebook.

Actually, there is nothing sensational about the purported quantum of shoot that was shot in 8 days. At best, one action sequence and a few police station scenes were shot. What is so splendid about it, given the pre-production works were extensive and took several months? Also, the ‘Gabbar Singh’ hangover is vivid. 

Tollywood audience are so much used to big-star films being made at a snail’s pace. That’s why Harish Shankar’s pace (about which a lot of assumptions have been made) is stunning some people. Quite frankly, the director doesn’t deserve all these superlative praises. 

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