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Adipurush Review

Adipurush movie, which Prabhas fans have been waiting forever and ever along with the entire cine (June 16) has a grand release worldwide. Pan India star Prabhas as Sri Rama, Kriti Sanan as Sita, Sunny Singh as Lakshmana, Saif Ali Khan as Ravanasuri in this movie. The film is directed by Om Raut under T-Series banner. Based on the epic Ramayana, this film was produced with 3D motion capture technology on a massive budget of Rs.500 crores.

How is this movie? How is Prabhas acting as Rama? How is Om Raut’s direction..? How is the performance of the actors? How are the technical works..? Let’s see now.

Ramayana is a story that everyone knows. Rama takes Sita and goes to exile..there Ravanasura picks up Sita. Rama goes in search of Sita, then with the help of Anjaneya finds out the trail of Sita, fights with Ravanasura for Sita. Rama kills Ravanasura in that battle and get back Sita. Everyone knows this. Our Bollywood director Om Raut has shown this story to the audience using today’s technology. If not, the story of Ramayana is lost. He showed what can be done with graphics.

Om has made everyone forget the original story with huge graphics. Everyone knows how Rama, Ravanasura and Lakshmana are but in Adipurush he showed a different way. He showed with modern dresses and different hairstyles. We know how wars were fought in Ramayana. But in this movie, he bored the audience by doing various stunts like fighting with aliens with graphics, jumping hills, and flying in the sky. He highlighted Ravanasura and Hanuman and reduced the role of Rama. It is surprising that Rama did not get the elevation given to Hanuman and Lakshmana. It is emotional in Ramayana, but Om does not give much importance to emotions.

Kriti Sanon in the role of Sita seems normal. Her role is also less. Saif Ali Khan’s role as Ravana was not set at all. There are some things that are better in the movie. Ajay-Atul music, Jai Sriram song, Karthik Palani cinematography. Overall, if you watch Aadipurush, you get the feeling of watching an animiated movie rather than the feeling of watching Ramayana.

Rating : 2.5/5

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