Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Allegations of Misconduct Surrounding Singareni Colliery Company’s CMD.

Allegations of Misconduct Surrounding Singareni Colliery Company’s CMD.

Former TBGKS President and Congress leader, Akunuri Kanakaraju, recently filed a complaint against Singareni Colliery Company’s Chairman and Managing Director (CMD), N. Sridhar. The complaint, submitted through email to CM Revanth Reddy on Tuesday, accuses the CMD of engaging in political favoritism over the past decade.

Kanakaraju alleges that the CMD, who is expected to remain above political influence, has reportedly favored BRS MPs and MLAs. According to him, Singareni buildings, quarters, and lands have been officially allocated to these political figures. He specifically points out that the CMD has occupied more than 70 quarters, some of which have been rented out.

In a media statement, Kanakaraju revealed that the CM’s office has responded to his complaint. He claimed to have received a call from the CM’s office requesting complete details of the alleged misconduct. The TBGKS leader in the Kothagudem area disclosed that his complaint includes concerns about the arbitrary allocation of quarters during BRS’s regime to MLAs from Bellampally, Pinapaka, and Chennur. Kanakaraju is urging the CM to take steps to cancel these allocations.

Furthermore, the complaint extends to the diversion of Singareni funds. Kanakaraju has appealed to CM Revanth Reddy to conduct a comprehensive inquiry into the CMD’s actions. These allegations raise questions about the impartiality and integrity of Singareni Colliery Company’s leadership, and the call for an investigation underscores the seriousness of the accusations made by Kanakaraju.

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