Sunday, July 14, 2024
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“BJP’s Raghunandhan Rao Criticizes BRS for Activism, Alleged Mismanagement, and Alliance Changes.”

"BJP's Raghunandhan Rao Criticizes BRS for Activism, Alleged Mismanagement, and Alliance Changes."

Former MLA and BJP leader Raghunandhan Rao has launched a scathing critique against the BRS party, questioning their sudden resurgence in activism post their loss of power. He raises doubts about BRS’s commitment, asking if the activists are only remembered after losing influence. Addressing KTR’s handling of seat allocations for activists, Rao points out perceived inconsistencies in KTR’s statements.

Raghunandhan Rao takes a strong stance on the issue of allocating seats, demanding an oath at the Martyrs Stupa and urging BRS to prioritize original activists who have made sacrifices for the cause. Accusing BRS leaders of financial improprieties, specifically in projects like Mallanna Sagar and Pochamma Sagar, he challenges them to prove their commitment by giving seats to families who have sacrificed.

Highlighting a reported rift between BJP and BRS after Modi’s statement ruling out an alliance, Rao emphasizes BRS’s determination not to be defeated in the upcoming Telangana Samaj assembly elections. He criticizes the party’s shifting alliances, noting their recent partnership with Congress and MIM. Additionally, Rao recommends against providing seats to individuals like Medata Shankaramma and Errolla Srinivas. The statements by Raghunandhan Rao underscore the intensifying political dynamics and competition leading up to the elections.

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