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Director Harish Shankar,Navigating Cinema, Trolls, and Future Collaborations.

Director Harish Shankar, actively engaged on social media, recently shared his thoughts on filmmaking, dealing with trolls, and his admiration for fellow directors.

In a candid revelation, Shankar expressed, After 12 hours of relentless work on set, I turn to social media. The trolls, in a strange way, provide relief from the pressure. They’ve become an integral part of my journey.

Addressing the much anticipated collaboration between Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan, Shankar playfully added, Pawan Kalyan can also join the mix,leaving fans intrigued about potential future projects.

While expressing admiration for directors like Shankar, Sukumar, and Sandeep Vanga, he found Trivikram hard to define in just one word. Reflecting on his early inspiration, Shankar shared, The desire to direct sparked when I began watching movies in theaters. I’d compare each film, shaping my vision.

When asked about offering opportunities to assistant directors, Shankar emphasized the industry’s competitive nature, stating, No one helps anyone, brother. I was more inclined to be an assistant director than a director. Everyone has to fight. They have to win.

Harish Shankar’s journey in the world of cinema unfolds with a blend of passion, resilience, and a dash of social media banter.

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