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Election Drama Unfolds in Warangal as Cash Stash Goes Up in Flames.

As Telangana witnesses the heat of elections, a peculiar incident in Warangal district has brought attention to the clandestine movement of money by political leaders. Authorities, vigilant about potential violations of the Election Code, have set up check posts to curb attempts at voter manipulation through cash transactions.

In a recent turn of events near Vagdevi College, Bollikunta, a vehicle carrying undisclosed funds attempted to conceal the money within the car engine, leading to an unexpected outcome. The cash caught fire due to the engine’s heat, prompting the occupants to hastily transfer it to another accompanying vehicle.

As smoke billowed from the burning money, locals and nearby college students rushed to the scene to extinguish the flames. Seizing the opportunity, some individuals managed to grab wads of currency notes. Though reports suggest an estimated 25 lakh rupees were involved, speculations abound that the actual amount may be higher.

By the time the police arrived, the money had vanished, leaving them to unravel the mystery of the burning cash. Questions about the ownership of the vehicle, its origin, destination, and affiliations with political parties remain unanswered as authorities diligently work to piece together the details. The burning car was eventually towed to the police station for further investigation.

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