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“Janasena-BJP Alliance in Telangana Raises Concerns for TDP’s Political Landscape”

Janasena’s alliance with the BJP in Telangana, seemingly without considering its partner TDP, has stirred concerns about potential repercussions. Pawan Kalyan’s decision to align with the BJP in Telangana, without factoring in TDP’s interests, could prove risky. If Janasena faces setbacks in Telangana, it may be exploited by the Opposition to portray both Janasena and TDP as weak in Andhra Pradesh, impacting TDP’s prospects.

Despite the distinct political landscapes in Andhra and Telangana, Pawan Kalyan emphasized the differences and continued the alliance with BJP in Telangana. Initially reluctant to join the campaign, Pawan Kalyan succumbed to BJP’s pressure and is actively supporting both BJP and Janasena candidates.

During a recent campaign event in Kukatpally, Pawan Kalyan underscored the significance of Janasena’s success, stating that it would not only influence the Telangana elections but also impact 25 MP seats in Andhra and 17 MP seats in Telangana. He even expressed the possibility of making Narendra Modi the Prime Minister for the third time with support from these seats.

Meanwhile, the BJP’s refusal to work with TDP, coupled with the Central Government’s support for the Jagan Government, raises questions about the long-term viability of the Janasena-BJP alliance. The current strategy of extending unilateral support might lead to a clash between TDP and BJP after the elections. Pawan Kalyan’s statements, representing both himself and TDP, add an additional layer of complexity to the alliance dynamics.

The uncertain future prompts speculation about the BJP’s national strategy, and clarity on this front may only emerge post the election results. Pawan Kalyan’s earnest involvement in the Telangana alliance suggests potential shifts in alliances for the General Election, with BJP’s past treatment of him serving as a precedent.

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