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Emotional Sudigali Sudheer ‘I cannot repay the love of fans even if I take many rebirths

Sudigali Sudheer is gearing up to entertain movie lovers with his upcoming thriller Calling Sahasra. The film directed by Arun Vikkirala stars Dollyshah as the female lead and is released on 1 December 2023. The film’s pre-release event is celebrated in style and JD. Chakravarthy, Director Dasarath, and Bommarillu Bhaskar graced as the chief guests.

Sudigali Sudheer speaking at the event, turned emotional and said he is indebted to all his fans and he cannot repay their love and affection or the bonding even if he takes many rebirths

Sudigali Sudheer added “Thanks to Arun for giving me a good and challenging role. I got a role that shows another side of me. Dollysha was a pleasure to work with. She is very competitive when she is acting. When we were wondering as to how to promote our movie,Bekkem Venugopal helped at the expected time. He helped release the film in good theatres. Had GetUp Sreenu didn’t tell me to go to Venu Anna and if it wasn’t for the Mallema team and Jabardast.. I wouldn’t have got so much love and affection from al of you I am indebted to all of you and cannot repay it even if I take numerous rebirths. Due to fans my film Gaalodu turned out to be a hit. Wellwishers are telling me that if I come with good films, they will shower more love. I will do films with good content. We are coming with a new film and tried something new. If you love, spread the word to few others. Cast your vote on 30th and watch the film in theatres on 1 December”

Producer Bekkam Venugopal said “I saw the movie Calling Sahasra. I like it very much. That’s why I came forward to support. We set the date that we are coming on December 1. Believing in our film, Bharat came forward and bought all the areas in Andhra. All areas became businesses immediately.We got good theatres. Director Arun has made this movie brilliantly. He included all the elements. It will appeal to all sections of the audience. I hope you will watch our movie on December 1 and make us win”

Vijesh Tayal shared ” Many told me that I am risking when I told them that I am producing a film. I believe that if a good story is chosen, someone like Sudheer will succeed easily. I came to support.. I saw the team’s philosophy of hard work and became a producer. I request you all to support our film’

Venkateswaralu Katuri said . ‘Thanks to all the guests who came to our event. Thanks to our Sudhir fans and anchor Suma. We liked Arun Vikkira’s narration. Our childhood friend Chiranjeevi met with us. We thought of Sudhir as a hero. Finally Vijesh came in our project. He came forward that a good film does not matter if the budget is high. The movie came out very well. Our film is releasing on December 1. All of you encourage us

Director Dasarath said. ‘Arun Vikkirala has a lot of passion for cinema. Sudhir acted well. The heroine Dollysha is beautiful. The film is coming on December 1. I wish them a big success.” Bommarillu Bhaskar said ‘Sudhir is a very good man. The film is going to be released on December 1. Not only Sudhir’s fans but everyone should come and watch this movie “

Nandini Reddy said “This is Arun’s debut. Films with good content are getting success. Venu Gari Balagam and Getup Srinu Polimera 2 became blockbusters. Sudhir is choosing different content. His film should also be a big hit”

Arun Vikkirala said “Thanks to the guests who came to the event. Without my direction team, this film would not have come out. The film turned out so well because of my technical team. My father recognized the power and strength in me and made me grow and fly. My sister in law is like a mother to me. I learned the value of mother because of JD sir. Our producer Vijay is the reason why this film has reached this level. Our other producer Chiranjeevi will be in the US. Rajasekhar owns Shadow Media. It is said that he brings out the talent by staying in the shadows. Sudhir and Dalisha are very important people for me. At first Sudhir was skeptical. But I did okay the first take he did. I became a fan of his dedication. Rama became God only after killing Ravanasura. Everyone is ordinary until the occasion. We made this movie based on this line. Cameraman Sasikiran has provided excellent visuals. The film is going to release on December 1. All the audience will like this movie. Bekkem Venugopal is helping a lot in the release of this movie. No matter how much I say thank you to JD Anna, it will be small. Shiva Balaji is currently shooting for Kannappa in New Zealand. He is the main pillar of this movie. Watch this movie in theaters on December 1st”

JD Chakravarthy said “Sudhir is very shy and reserved. Very nice person. Arun Vikkirala is quite a perfectionist. A very dedicated person. Saw Dollysha in Already Glimpses and felt amazing. Arun Perfection doesn’t have girls. But there are movies (laughs). The film is going to be released on December 1. Everyone should watch this movie”

Dollysha said “Thanks to producer Vijay, Rajasekhar and Venkatesh sir for giving me the opportunity. Thanks to JD for coming as a guest. Thanks to everyone who came here. We have been working for this film for three years. This project has been delayed due to Corona. However, our team is very positive”

Balagam Venu said “No matter what our Sudheer does, fans will stand by him. Will continue to support. Everyone is praising our Sudhir. The target will be hit. Sudhir is surrounded by full positivity. I feel how much tension the director gets for the first film. Arun is going to hit Blockbuster with this movie. All the best to everyone who worked on our Sudhir movie”

Viraj Ashwin said “Sudhir’s journey is an inspiration to all. It is not a common thing to get this much admiration. I want to know who that Sahasra is. I will also watch the movie on December 1st. All the best to everyone who worked on this movie”

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