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Guntur kaaram review

“Guntur Kaaram” opens with a poignant storyline, capturing the emotional turmoil of a son abandoned by his mother. The first 20 minutes of the film are particularly heart-wrenching, setting a strong emotional foundation. However, the film falters in several areas. The track featuring Sree Leela and Mahesh Babu fails to resonate with the audience, lacking the necessary chemistry and impact.

The action sequences are a letdown, heavily relying on anti-gravity effects that come off as unrealistic and excessive. Fans might find a brief respite in an out-of-this-world scene in the first half, but this is a rare highlight in an otherwise unimpressive narrative.

The second half attempts to unravel the mystery behind the mother-son separation but falls short. The reasoning provided feels superficial and fails to lend depth to the story. The climax, although emotional, seems like a missed opportunity to bring a more compelling resolution.

Performance-wise, Mahesh Babu shines in his role, showcasing his best looks and efforts to entertain his fans. The director successfully extracts a commendable performance from him. Sreeleela, on the other hand, is underutilized, relegated mostly to songs and a few romantic scenes. Meenakshi, despite her talent, is given very limited screen space.

The film’s supporting cast, including several character artists, are also given short shrift, unable to leave a significant mark on the narrative. Director Trivikram, known for his expertise, unfortunately, misses the mark with “Guntur Kaaram”, delivering a film that struggles to balance its emotional core with entertainment value.

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