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Hanuman review

Hanuman review

“Prasanth Varma’s ‘Hanuman’ stands out as a sincere and effective presentation of a superhero story, delivering more than what was promised. The film captivates especially in the last 15 minutes, with the final 5 minutes being particularly exceptional. The use of VFX is not just impressive but truly mind-blowing, enhancing the overall cinematic experience.

The first half of the movie adheres to a typical superhero format, showcasing a weak individual transformed into a superhero. This transformation, coupled with an excellent background score, sets the tone for the film. The title reveal is impactful, and the first half includes several goosebump-inducing moments, culminating in a high-octane interval scene.

In contrast, the second half feels somewhat lengthy and shifts focus to more emotional scenes. Nevertheless, the climax retains the superhero essence and the presentation of Hanuman is extraordinary. This movie is particularly a treat for kids, with its vibrant and dynamic portrayal of the mythological figure.

Teja, in the role of the hero, delivers his best performance to date. The film also includes a delightful surprise in the second half, adding an element of intrigue. The villain, though not the focal point, plays a decent role and contributes effectively to the narrative.

The background score is another standout aspect of ‘Hanuman’, elevating key moments and complementing the visual spectacle. Prasanth Varma has succeeded in presenting ‘Hanuman’ as ‘Hanu Man’, reimagining a mythological character in a contemporary superhero context. The film is a significant addition to the superhero genre, particularly in the Indian cinema landscape, and is bound to leave a lasting impression on its audience.”

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