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Jabardast Sensation Kirak RP Takes a Splash in Culinary Innovation with ‘Nellore Peddareddy Fish Soup’

Jabardast RP, renowned for his entertaining presence on the Jabardast show, has expanded his horizons by inaugurating a restaurant in the revered Temple City. Minister Roja, a prominent political figure, played a pivotal role in the launch of this seafood haven named ‘Nellore Peddareddy Fish Soup.’ Adding glitz to the grand opening was the presence of movie actress Mehreen, who added a touch of glamour to the event.

The debut outlet in Tirupati, inaugurated by Minister RK Roja, marks the beginning of Kirak RP’s ambitious plan to franchise across Tirupati and Chittoor Annamaiya districts. Kirak RP’s vision for the restaurant extends beyond just offering delectable fish dishes; it focuses on providing a blend of taste and health to its patrons.

The signature dish, ‘Nellore Peddareddy Fish Soup,’ has already gained popularity, showcasing the culinary prowess of RP’s restaurant. The menu boasts a variety of mouth-watering options, including koremenu, gandi, rava, thin fish, talakaya fish soup, and bommidayala soup.

During the inauguration, Minister Roja, accompanied by Tirupati Mayor Sirisha and Deputy Mayor Abhinay Reddy, conveyed their best wishes to Kirak RP for this culinary venture. A brief chat with the glamorous Mehreen added a touch of star power to the occasion.

Jabardast RP’s Nellore fish soup is not limited to Tirupati; it has spread its flavors across both Telugu states. Minister Roja, while refraining from indulging in fish soup during the Kartik month, expressed eagerness to savor the delicacies later, commending Kirak RP for his innovative foray into the culinary world. The ‘Nellore Peddareddy Fish Soup’ restaurant promises not just a gastronomic delight but also a new and exciting chapter in Kirak RP’s journey beyond the comedy stage.

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