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Controversial Comments by Karnataka Minister Spark Uproar in Telangana Election Battle.

As the Telangana election fervor intensifies, a Congress minister from Karnataka has stirred controversy with comments causing ripples in the political landscape. Riding on recent success in Karnataka, the Congress is eyeing a repeat in Telangana, deploying strategies and leaders from across state borders. Karnataka Minister Jameer Ahmed Khan’s remarks during the Telangana election campaign have become a lightning rod for criticism and weaponized by opposing parties.

In a provocative statement, Minister Khan suggested that BJP leaders saluting a Muslim reflects the glory of the Congress. This comment triggered strong reactions, with JDS condemning the statement and former CM HD Kumaraswamy expressing disappointment in the minister’s choice of words. Kumaraswamy demanded strict action if Chief Minister Siddaramaiah had knowledge of the matter.

Faced with severe criticism, Jameer Ahmed Khan clarified that he was highlighting the respect given by the Congress party to the Muslim community and insisted he did not insult legislators of any party. Despite his attempt to mitigate the fallout, the controversy is likely to reverberate in Karnataka’s upcoming assembly meetings, set to take place in the first week of the next month. As the election drama unfolds, these comments add a new dimension to the political landscape, becoming a focal point in the Telangana Dangal.

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