Sunday, July 14, 2024
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“Jr NTR’s “Devara” Surpassing “Game of Thrones” Expectations”

"Jr NTR's "Devara" Surpassing "Game of Thrones" Expectations"

Following the massive success and anticipation surrounding “RRR,” the spotlight now shifts to Jr NTR’s next cinematic venture, “Devara.” This upcoming film, under the direction of the renowned Koratala Siva, has become a focal point of discussions across the industry. Its high-profile production design, casting choices, and other intricate details have stirred considerable excitement among fans and critics alike.

Kalyan Ram, not just a pivotal actor but also the co-producer of “Devara,” provided intriguing insights into the film’s ambitious scale. While specifics about the release date for “Devara’s” teaser remain under wraps, Kalyan Ram hinted at its potential to astound audiences, emphasizing the project’s grandeur.

Interestingly, when questioned about any parallels between “Devara” and the globally acclaimed series “Game of Thrones,” Kalyan Ram boldly drew a distinction. He expressed his belief that “Devara” stands even taller in terms of scale and ambition. Shedding light on the film’s massive efforts, Kalyan Ram highlighted the construction of a 40-foot deep tank specifically for elaborate underwater sequences. He further lauded the unparalleled craftsmanship of Sabu Cyril, the esteemed set designer, who dedicatedly focused solely on “Devara” for an extended period, producing sets that promise visual splendor. Above all, Kalyan Ram underscored Jr NTR’s relentless commitment, suggesting that his dedication propels “Devara” into a league of its own.

As audiences gear up for the release of Kalyan Ram’s “Devil” on December 29th, the actor-producer’s attention remains firmly on “Devara.” With promises of unmatched cinematic brilliance, “Devara” seems poised to redefine cinematic benchmarks and captivate audiences profoundly.

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