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“Kishan Reddy Criticizes Congress Over Ayodhya Event and Religious Politics”

Union Minister and Telangana BJP Chief, Kishan Reddy, recently voiced strong criticisms against the Congress party, particularly concerning its decision to decline an invitation to the Ayodhya event. Reddy characterized this move as part of Congress’s broader pattern of boycotting significant events, emphasizing their absence from parliamentary sessions, G-20 meetings, and Election Commission engagements.

During a media conference, Reddy accused the Congress of fostering an “anti-Hindu attitude,” asserting that their actions and policing measures, such as intervening in the distribution of Akshintas by the Ayodhya Ramalaya Trust, reflect a disregard for Indian cultural and religious traditions. He passionately defended Hinduism, describing it as a cornerstone of the national ethos rather than merely a religion.

Despite the Congress’s absence, Reddy highlighted the inclusive nature of the Ayodhya event, noting the participation of Muslim and Christian religious leaders. He expressed concerns about Congress’s alleged attempts to politicize Hinduism and emphasized the ceremony’s broader sentiment of communal harmony and unity.

Overall, Kishan Reddy’s remarks illuminate a growing ideological divide between the BJP and Congress, underscoring tensions surrounding cultural heritage, religious inclusivity, and political engagement in India’s complex political landscape.

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