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KTR fired on Modi over consecutive hikes in fuel rates

On Thursday, Telangana IT Minister K.T.Rama Rao poured scorn on Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the consecutive rise in fuel prices and for pretending to credit for the TRS government’s Mission Bhagiratha in defiance of the center not furnishing the project.

KTR pointed out the old tweets of Modi during the reign of Modi as the Chief Minister of Gujarat on the issue of increased fuel prices, including one from May 23, 2012, in which Modi had termed the immense rise in fuel rates as the first example of the drawback of the Congress-led UPA directorate.

In 2014 October, the Chief Minister of TS also posted Modi’s tweet that reads, “Since we formed the government, petrol & diesel prices came down. We are committed to removing the obstacles our nation is facing.” KCR said, “Dwelling on some of your past statements Modiji. Debacle of Union Govt, freight on states, pretension of power, apathetic to needs of poor (sic).”

The CM tweeted, “Appropriating a flagship programme of Telangana Govt where your Govt has Zero contribution is not befitting the stature of a PM (sic).” Anyway, KCR took a powerful anomaly to the advertisement of the BJP government on Jal Jeevan Mission-Har Ghar Jal. He also solicited Modi to tell the people about the Centre’s benefaction to the Mission Bhagiratha scheme of the Telangana directorate. 

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