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Late Night Surprise State IT Minister KTR’s Unplanned Visit to Patha Basti Creates Buzz

State IT Minister KTR, caused a stir in the Patha Basti area since Friday night, surprising locals with an impromptu visit devoid of any protocol security. KTR’s visit commenced at Shadab Hotel in Madinah, where he ordered Irani chai, capturing the attention of onlookers and the hotel staff.

The waiter initially unaware of KTR’s ministerial status quickly recognized him, prompting the hotel management to escort KTR to an AC room where he enjoyed biryani and Irani Chai. The minister interacted warmly with the hotel staff, customers, and even suggested trying the chicken biryani.

Later, KTR visited an ice cream refreshment area in Mozanjahi market, indulging in some ice cream. Despite the hectic election campaign, KTR took a spontaneous break in the old town. Expressing confidence in his party’s victory, he engaged with locals and left a positive impression during this unplanned outing. BRS leaders, upon learning of KTR’s visit, lauded him with slogans of “KTR Zindabad.”

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