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Modi Challenges KCR’s Development Claims in Vigorous Telangana Election Campaign.

In a fervent push for the Telangana assembly elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has intensified his campaign, challenging Chief Minister KCR’s development narrative. Addressing a rally in Karimnagar, Modi accused KCR of hindering Karimnagar’s progress as a smart city and questioned the fate of KCR’s promise to transform it into London.

Taking aim at the state government’s handling of artisans, Modi criticized KCR’s approach, labeling him a person of blind faith. Modi pledged support for artisans through the Vishwakarma Yojana scheme, offering substantial loans to promote their well being.

Switching to broader issues, Modi promised a reduction in petrol and diesel prices in Telangana if the BJP secures victory, aligning with policies in other BJP governed states. Speaking in Telugu, Modi emphasized that social justice is achievable only through the BJP.

In a strategic move, Modi addressed the concerns of SC classification and BCs, urging voters in Karimnagar to rally behind the BJP for justice. Sharp and direct, Modi critiqued the BRS government, alleging that KCR has transformed the state’s aspirations for funds, appointments, and water into disappointment, deception, and unemployment.

Closing his speech with a bold prediction of a BJP victory, Modi cautioned against trusting the Congress, warning that both major parties would exploit the state if the Congress were to win. As the Telangana assembly election campaign unfolds, Modi is making his mark with a distinctive style, presenting a critique of KCR’s governance and articulating a vision for the state under BJP leadership.

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