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“Narayana Murthy Reflects on Long Work Hours at Infosys: Advocates Hard Work for National Success”

Narayana Murthy, the co-founder of Infosys, has recently shared insights into his own work ethic, revealing that he worked 85-90 hours a week until 1994. His statement came during an interview with The Economic Times, where he reflected on his early years at Infosys. Murthy’s dedication to his work is evident in his routine of being in the office by 6:20 am and putting in long hours.

Murthy’s recent advocacy for a 70-hour workweek for young people to boost productivity and strengthen India’s competitiveness has sparked a debate on work ethics. His wife, Sudha Murthy, supported his views by emphasizing his commitment to hard work and the long hours he dedicated every week. However, this has also led to discussions on social media, particularly regarding the salaries of freshers at Infosys.

Murthy stands firm on his stance, linking hard work and national success. He argues that diligence is crucial for overcoming poverty. This viewpoint, based on his experience of working up to 90 hours a week during the early years of Infosys, has drawn both support and disagreement from industry leaders. Murthy’s perspective reflects his belief in the power of hard work and its role in driving India’s global competitiveness and success.

Murthy’s statements provide a window into the work culture that helped build one of India’s most successful IT companies and his personal philosophy on the importance of hard work and productivity.

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