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Not everyone is happy with new Secretariat

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao inaugurated the new Secretariat of Telangana on April 30, Sunday. The large and lavishly built Secretariat has been a point of controversy since its inception.

KCR came under huge criticism for demolishing the then existing Secretariat, which was new and spacious, and spending hundreds of Crores of public money for new Secretariat construction.

It was not just Opposition parties like BJP and Congress, but even Telangana activists, intellectuals and general public also saw construction of new Secretariat as a collosal waste of public money. The same feeling was evident even on the launch of new Secretariat. 

Both BJP and Congress leaders were absent during the launch of new Secretariat. Telangana activists, students and unemployed have shown disinterest on the new Secretariat inauguration. Response was mixed on social media. While some posted the pics of gloriously-lit new Secretariat, others wrote it off as nothing new by comparing it with other buildings with similar design style. 

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