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NSUI celebrates Modi’s birthday as ‘National Unemployment Day’

Sep 17, this year is surely witnessing a hectic and also innovative activity. While already TRS and BJP are indulged in fierce fight over calling the day ‘Liberation Day’, National Students Union of India (NSUI) and Youth Congress have brought in a newer dimension. As Sep 17 also marks the birthday of PM Narendra Modi, activists of NSUI and Youth Congress have celebrated it as ‘National Unemployment Day’.

Raising the issue of rising unemployment in the nation, young activists have celebrated the day as ‘National Unemployment Day’. NSUI and Youth Congress activists sold tea and samosa at various places across Telangana, symbolically highlighting the plight of youth in PM Narendra Modi’s rule. 

Youth Congress president Shivasena Reddy sold tea at Charminar. 

“It is very unfortunate that Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is making rich even more rich is completely neglecting the youth and students. He came into power in 2014 promising two crore jobs. But completely failed in creating new jobs in the country or filling up existing vacancies. Youth of India are in severe depression and many are commiting even suicides. To create a awareness about the severity of problem, we are observing PM Modi’s birthday as National Unemployment Day” said Shivasena Reddy. 

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