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O Sathiya Telugu movie review


Arjun(Aryan Gaura) is doing his BTech in Vizag and incidentally, he meets Keerthy in his college. The pair fall for each other. But one thing leads to another and much to the shock of Ajay, his love interest Keerthy goes missing. Why is Keerthy missing is all about ?

How did the actors perform?

This one time love story connects with all zoners of the audience. The debut director, Divyabhavana does a fine job of presenting her realistic love drama in a witching manner. The cast and crew adeptly support her.

The audio track for the film is a winning one as the songs are good to hear and the BGM is in sync with the core narrative. Emotional dialogue is a name in the middle portion.

O Sathiya is a beautiful definition of the first love experience and therefore strikes a passion with all sections of the followership.

Positives :

  1. Simple story and presentation
  2. Visuals and BGM
  3. Production values


  1. Slow First Half
  2. Lack of Big Padding Cast


Bottom line: One of the most decent love stories in recent times and can be enjoyed full with sathiya.

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